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mold inspection

It is safe to say that you are watching out for a certified and proficient service provider of mold inspection New Jersey to help you with your mold issue? At Indoor Mold Testing New Jersey, we can help you the utmost. Our organization name isn’t only a gimmick; it’s a guarantee. We go well beyond to help the entirety of our customers to identify the origin of their mold issue and ascertain the correct treatment program. Notwithstanding our qualified mold inspectors in New Jersey, we have a wide assortment of best apparatuses available to us, including:

  • Camcorders
  • Humidity Meters
  • Infrared Thermal Imaging Devices
  • Latest Mold Inspection Gear

If you accept that you have obvious mold or airborne spores in your home, you have to contact our certified professionals of mold inspection New Jersey now at 732-290-5970. We cannot just complete a mold inspection New Jersey at your home; however, our group can help you in proficient mold remediation if required.



The risk of mold in a house or even at your commercial place is nothing to mess with. The harm it can cause to a property just as to your health is intense. If you accept that you have a mold issue in your home, the ideal opportunity for activity is now. The most significant thing that you should do is to guarantee that you have a qualified and certified specialist of mold inspection New Jersey to help you. At Indoor Mold Testing New Jersey, we are happy to have the option to state that all of our inspectors are MICRO CMI certified.

The significant thing to comprehend is that mold can’t be identified essentially upon obvious inspection. A certified mold inspector will have the option to sufficiently and securely get a sample of the mold in your home/office and send it out for mold testing. There are different sorts of mold that can be available in a home/commercial space, and some of them may even be dangerous. So as to truly comprehend what’s happening in your home, you need the help of the specialists of mold inspection New Jersey who can find you the solutions to the vital inquiries.


Our process is straightforward. We will come in to do a mold inspection New Jersey, and it is around then that we will search for obvious mold and additionally airborne spores. If we do go over both of these conditions, we will initiate with sampling. If we distinguish obvious mold, we will take a sample as indicated by industry best practices. If we find an airborne spore, we will use a unique siphon so as to catch the sample in the most secure manner conceivable. Despite the kind of sample, we send the entirety of our fixed samples to a solid outsider lab for testing.

This kind of sampling and testing is crucial to understanding the extent of the issue. Testing will permit us to decide precisely what sort of mold is in your home and what medical problems could be an impact of that mold.

If you dread that you have mold in your home or commercial space, don’t stand by anymore. While you might not have a mold issue in your home, our specialists of mold inspection New Jersey will be the best individuals to assist you with tending to the issue. Our group of specialists is accessible at this point. Call us today at 732-290-5970, or shoot us an email us at indoormoldtesting@gmail.com.

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